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We produce vacuum lifter ,glass transport trolley and glazing robot, for glass area and metal process area
vacuum lifter for glass installtion use

Vacuum Glass Lifter

Vacuum Lifter,capacity from 100kg to 20000kg, can rotate 360 degree and flip 90 degree
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glazing robot

Glass Glazing Robot

Glazing robot,capacity from 100kg to 800kg, can move, rotate, flip and with sideshift function
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vacuum lifter for glass process production

Indoor Vacuum Lifter

Vacuum Lifter for glass process production, capacity from 100kg to 500kg, can lift, rotate and flip
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vacuum lifter for metal sheet use

Vacuum Metal Lifter

Vacuum Lifter for Metal Sheet, capacity from 100kg to 2000kg, for 3m/4m/6m/8m metal sheet
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We are a professional supplier of electric vacuum lifter in China, and our products are excellent and safe! Our main products are glass lifter sucker, electric glass robot, and roll lifter. The products are all quality guaranteed! We have professional technicians to provide you with technical advice at any time. Our products are of reliable quality and cost-effective, which makes them more profitable to customers. Whether there are requirements for products, price, service and quality, we welcome you to put forward valuable suggestions to us. We may not be able to solve all of them, but we will keep it in mind and strive to meet your requirements!