Taizhou Ruyi Handling Machinery Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of Vacuum Lifting Equipment in China.

Ruyi has been engaged with customers from a wide variety of industries.With the cooperation with the experts from USA and Europe, we developed a wide range of products designed to personalize the Vacuum Lifting solution fitting for engineering, manufacturing, logistic, packaging, and agricultural, and other commercial applications around the world.

Main products: Vacuum Lifter, Glass Lifter Trolley, Glazing Robot and Forklift.All our products are renowned for their durable construction, innovative features and efficient performance. They are very popular in Vacuum Lifting Equipment industries. All our products have been exported to more than 22 countries all over the world.

We are an ISO9000 quality certified enterprise, most products are granted CE/GS certificate.Our trained QA professionals are consistently working with our manufacturers to ensure that each product is factory inspected for quality, tolerance and performance.

We sell top quality equipment at the best prices. Not only the quality advantage,we also prvide the good service and in-time delivery. Any request regarding technical information, pricing and shipping information and quality claims will be always answered in 24 hours.

From the outset of Ruyi, we are customer oriented, with an innovative, proactive attitude, open to change , solidly growing with a long term goal, offering quality products and services. Ruyi Machinery development patterns “Quality + Price + Service”. Hoping a joint effort for us, achieve the ultimately goal “Win-Win”. We truly appreciate your business and hearing your feedback. Your comments and suggestions help us continually serve you better.Welcome customers to visit CNRUYI.